Is Nick Ortner a Man You Can Trust?

For everything you do in life, it’s a wise decision to learn from someone who has done it: a person who doesn’t only teach, but also does what he preaches. In this case, Nick Ortner is a man who has not only used Tapping to recover from $100,000 in debt, but also helped near half a million people around the world live better lives.

In his own words, Nick’s goal is to:

“Empower people to create healthy, financially abundant and stress-free lives through his books, films, CDs, online events and speaking engagements attended by people from all over the world.”

Nick aims to achieve his goal by becoming CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC – his company which has produced several products to teach people about the power of Emotional Freedom Technique:

  1. He has written a best-selling book (over 200 5-star reviews on Amazon) titled “The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living” in 2013.
  2. He has produced a documentary film “The Tapping Solution” featuring Carol Look, which follows the story of 10 people overcoming pain from illness and grief with Tapping.
  3. He and his team (which includes his sister Jessica and brother Alex) have held 6 highly successful annual world summits, which is attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

Not only that, Nick is also involved in various charity organizations, in which he gives most of his profit from his business to causes such as Project Light: Rwanda and The Veterans Stress Project.

It’s obvious that Nick Ortner and the Tapping Solution team truly believe in the power of Tapping and how it can help to heal the world in this time of change. He is a man you can trust.

I have followed Nick for more than a year now, and the Tapping “movement” is only getting better and better and larger and larger. There are other ways to live a stress-free life, but none is as simple and as free to do as Tapping – which makes it the perfect tool in today’s highly decentralized, mobile life.

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